Nora Ephron Secretly Published a Private Cookbook

July 4, 2012

While the world is mourning the death of writer and filmmaker Nora Ephron, it has been revealed that Ephron actually published her own cookbook, but it wasn't for the masses. Called Nora's Cookbook, the 174-pages of recipes were meant only for Ephron's oldest and dearest. 

There are recipes for "Joan Didion's Mexican Chicken Thing," "Ben Bradlee's Scrambled Eggs" and even a recipe for a cherry cola mold. "There is no excuse for serving this, unless you are obsessed with Jell-O," Ephron wrote. 

The book also includes the late filmmaker's secrets of how to pass off store-bought food as your own, and tips for hosting a great party. 

"In California, of course, they never break up couples at dinner for fear of what might happen if someone's husband were seated next to someone else's very young girlfriend," Ephron wrote. "But dinners with couples seated next to one another are always deadly dull, which is why there are almost no good dinner parties in the entire state of California."

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