Victoria Beckham is Trying to Gain Weight

July 30, 2012

Despite reports saying Victoria Beckham is trying to lose weight on a baby food diet, a source claiming to be close to the fashionista says Beckham is actually trying to gain a few pounds. 

"She's not going to gain 14 pounds or anything, but Victoria knows the strict control needs to ease up a bit," a source told Heat magazine. "It wasn't a huge surprise that she'd dropped weight recently, as she'd also upped her exercise, regularly working out twice a day. Victoria does thrive on her thin body and she uses it when she's working, to plan designs around. But, having lost several pounds in the last three weeks, she has now admitted that she wants to become a bit curvier." 

Apparently, Posh Spice's diet change came after she saw a picture of herself looking too thin. 

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