Bold, Assertive Cooking at the Ryland Inn

October 23, 2012

There is bold, inventive and highly assertive cooking happening at the Ryland Inn, located in Whitehouse, New Jersey. 

Chef Anthony Bucco leads his brigade through the dinner rush with the studied calm, like the captain of a multi-million dollar yacht plying an often stormy ocean.  He moves like a prize-fighter, light on his feet.  Adapting to the cadence of the orders and the firing of the meals.  He's concerned with details and when he grips your hand and looks into your eye, he means it. 

Chef Bucco expedites and choreographs his talented cooks under his tutelage.  He challenges his cooks to do better, go forward and learn new techniques.  His flavors are passionate and bold.  Case in point the steak tartare pictured above.  This is emotional food.  Everything is from scratch and as local as possible.  There is passion in each bite.  Food on this level must be made from scratch.  There are no shortcuts in Chef Bucco's kitchen.  He challenges his guests to eat and drink on a higher level.  This level, however is not pretentious or condescending.  There is love of cooking in every metered bite. 

I recently spent a dinner service taking pictures and watching the food get prepared, combined, tasted and sent out to an appreciative and hungry clientele.  New Jersey food has matured.  This is no longer just a state of one or two fine dining establishments.  The gene pool is crowded with highly trained and talented cooks.  At the Ryland Inn they have elevated fine dining to a new level.  This may well be one of the finest dining restaurants in the country.

Chef Bucco is not a snob like so many highly trained chefs paint themselves as- when it comes to fine dining.  He truly loves what he does- you can see it in his eyes, his wry smile and his hands when they gesticulate his thoughts.  Chef Bucco wants the very best from his talented cadre of young cooks.  All have their passion and talents.  Each does their job to the best of their ability. 

This kitchen has smiling cooks in it. 

I've always said that when there are smiles in the kitchen, this translates to better food.  That warmth in the hands is the key to being in touch with flavor.  

The food knows and responds accordingly.


Bar Captain Christopher James offers this seasonal recipe for his part of the Ryland Inn. 


Chris weaves liquid driven memories into each of his carefully crafted cocktails.  One of these new cocktails in his stable of drinks is called the Rusty Apple. 


1.0 oz Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky
1.5 oz Berentzens Apfelkorn
1.0 oz honey crisp apple juice (local if possible)
0.5 lemon juice
0.5 agave nectar

DRAMBUIE FOAM  (Use the Isi Charger for this foam)

1 oz Berentzens Apfelkorn
.5 oz lemon juice
4 egg whites

Add all ingredients to an ISI charger and use a single charge.

Dispense enough DRAMBUIE foam to fill a chilled coupe glass 1/3 of the way. Shake the ingredients for the cocktail and strain into the chilled coupe through one part of the foam to avoid ruining the separation effect. Finish off with an apple fan and some freshly hand grated cinnamon on the surface of the foam. This cocktail is intended to be a seasonal mash-up of an Apple Martini and the classic Rusty Nail.

Hand cut ice is not an afterthought.  These chunks, glimmering like diamonds are a marvelous departure from the usual cocktail ice.  When drinking a fine Bourbon or Rum, your ice is as important as the liquor in your glass.




I'm learning to be a better bar man myself!  Day Five (last Saturday night) kicked me into high gear!

This may have been the most exciting food I've eaten outside of Paris! Served in a plastic cup no less! Amazing! Ethereal! 

This quote from Eric Ripert is mounted on the kitchen wall at the Ryland Inn


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