Vanessa Lachey Talks Post Baby Diet

November 25, 2012

Vanessa Lachey has been showing off her post-baby body after giving birth to her son Camden three months ago. The new mom says she tries to keep her diet balanced but isn't looking to lose the extra baby weight in record time.

"You eat when you can as a new mom but make conscious choices. I don't beat myself up about it," Lachey said. "I just try to enjoy my time with my baby and don't overindulge. It's all about balanced. No one can eat healthy 24/7 unless they have a personal chef, which is very rare." 

Part of the reason why Lachey doesn't have to stress about losing weight now is because she maintained her healthy lifestyle through her pregnancy.

"I was a big workout girl when I was pregnant, especially in the beginning. I took the stars whenever possible and walked around just to stay active because it's all about how you take care of yourself during pregnancy that matters after. My advice is to not try to hit the gym or even worry about losing the pounds; just stay active."