The Delicious Flexibility of Swiss Cheese

February 27, 2013

Many people are as daunted by the gourmet cheese section of a supermarket as they are the wine section. Or, we get caught in a cheese rut; always buying the same varieties and not branching out. The truth is, specialty cheeses can offer more versatility than more traditional varieties. Emmi Roth USA’s assortment, which include Kaltbach Cave-aged Le Gruyère AOC and Emmentaler AOC cheeses from Switzerland, have qualities that make them perfect for a variety of uses - from simple recipes to a gourmet meal.

These cave-aged cheeses, matured in Kaltbach’s natural sandstone caves in Switzerland, bring depth, complexity and extraordinary flavor that take everyday meals to new heights.

Emmi’s Le Gruyère AOC has a fruity flavor and crumbly texture, which makes it a great option for a cheese board, but it also has excellent melting capabilities perfect for dishes such a traditional Swiss fondue (try this fondue recipe). It's also delicious in scalloped potatoes or as a topping for soup (like this French onion soup recipe) and burgers.
Cheeses can also lend a delicious twist to sweet dishes, like a bit of Le Gruyère AOC baked in the crust or on top of apple pie or incorporating it into a fruit-stuffed French toast recipe.

Emmi’s Emmentaler AOC, the original Swiss cheese, has a mild nutty flavor that makes it ideal for sandwiches and snacks. A cheese plate with a warm baguette and refreshing pear slices is the simplest way to enjoy this cheese, but when whisked into a sauce or added to grilled sandwiches it brings another dimension to a dish. On a sweeter note, it also pairs perfectly with juicy strawberries and a piece of rich dark chocolate.

Emmi Roth USA provides a wide variety of fine Swiss-style cheeses great for use in recipes or on their own. You can find them at your local grocer or online at along with recipes and pairing suggestions.

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