Easy Rustic Vegetable Soup Video Recipe

February 28, 2013

This vegetable soup is so easy you don't need a written recipe. Watch the video below as chef Marco Pierre White whips up this healthy and delicious soup in minutes.

What I’m going to cook for you now is a very simple vegetable soup. There’s no real recipe, just vegetables, water and stockpot.  So what I take is cauliflower, courgettes, carrots, leeks, a bit of onion, one of my favorite vegetables which I bought down the supermarket this morning which is great for soup, celeriac, which tastes like celery and some Savoy cabbage.  And what it’s going to be is just rough and chunky, in the pan, in stages and you’ll see it’s very simple.  It’ll take 25 minutes to cook it.  A generous amount of olive oil, some carrots, as you can see they’re not too large, they’re not too small, they’ll cook in, when inside the stock, 15 minutes they’ve released all their goodness and their flavor, so there’s the carrots, celeriac, nice and chunky.  With the celeriac all you do is you top and tail it, take off the outside skin, cut it into cubes, carrots, celeriac, onions in there.  There’s many times when you’ve got one carrot, one courgette, half a cabbage left, an onion, just throw it in a pan and make some delicious soup.  By frying the vegetables what we do is we remove the water content.  By removing the water content we intensify the flavor again.  Again, this is a soup you can freeze, it’s fine, you know, you can’t make one portion of it, make six, eight portions, freeze half, eat half.  Now, we add the cauliflower and the cabbage, a little bit more olive oil, add the leeks, add the courgettes.

You can see it just sweating down without any color.  As you can see the leeks are starting to wilt, carrots, they’re cooking.  So what we’re doing is bringing out the natural flavor.  So now the vegetables have been cooking for about 15 minutes, just slowly and we add some water.  I’ve added approximately a liter.  Vegetable stockpot, I would think we’ll put three in here, I’m going to add a little bit more water, what I’m going to wait for is see how much water is released out of the vegetables before I commit.  So at this moment in time I’ve put in one liter of water and three stockpots, vegetable.  I’d say lets put another half a liter and another stockpot.  So that makes one and a half liters of water and four vegetable stockpots at this moment in time.  You must always taste, very important because by tasting you know what’s happening.  Bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes.  Okay, so now this has been cooking with the water and the stockpot, so it’s time to finish this dish.  These are the celery leafs which I took off the celery, put those on.  Pick some fresh basil leafs, I’m a big fan of basil so I like lots of basil, some parsley leafs, just chop it rough because lets not forget it is quite a rustic soup.  In with the old parsley leafs, just chop it rough, because let’s not forget, it is quite a rustic soup, in with your parsley leaves, just chop it rough, in we go, a little sprig of thyme, in we go.  It may seem like a lot of herbs but there’s a lot of soup.  Finish off with olive oil, it just gives it that Mediterranean, it’s like a minestrone.  And just a tiny bit of garlic in at the end and there is our Knorr stockpot vegetable soup.  I don’t think any fresh stock on the supermarket could deliver what the stockpot delivers. Delicious, even though I say it myself.