Infographic: Restaurant Pitfalls

March 2, 2013

The restaurant business is one that requires organization and a lot of thinking on your feet. When the dining room is full and kitchen staff are scrambling, things can go wrong. The below infographic outlines exactly where restaurants go wrong when dealing with the rush of a dinner crowd. 

The first place things go wrong is in the kitchen. There are 5,900 unconfined restaurant fires in the US and cooking is the cause of 87% of confined fires in restaurants. However, less than half of these restaurants have extinguishers or a working smoke alarm. 

There are also issues on the food line. Working around hot oil, breakable glass and spills lead to a lot of workplace injuries for restaurant staff. 

Then, there are also a few pitfalls in the dining room. Not only are issues like food and salmonella poisoning still causing more people to get sick than they should, there are also issues like slips and falls that cause restaurant-goers to injure themselves at their local eateries. 

Learn more about restaurant pitfalls in the infographic below! 


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