Starbucks Kiosks Heading to U.S. Grocery Stores

April 29, 2013

Starbucks will soon be taking over the coffee aisle at your local grocery store with their new kiosks. The coffee brand will be introducing "Signature Aisles" to grocery stores across America. 

The kiosk makes shoppers feel as though they have entered a Starbucks shop, using the same warm colors and noticeable logo. The aisles are stocked with Starbucks' packaged coffee, Via products and signature products like the Blonde Roast, and K-Cups. 

"Over the next year or so, we'll have an elevated aisle fixture in multiple retailers across more than 100 stores," Joe Manning, the director of channel development at Starbucks, told The Huffington Post

Starbucks as already implemented the Signature Aisles in 25 stores, including Safeway, Vons and Dominick's. Most of these aisles are in Californian stores, with few in Washington, Illinois, Colorado and Ohio. The next is expected to be on the East Coast.

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