Grilled Vegetables

August 11, 2013

Use your grill for more than just meat! Grill any vegetable to perfection and watch the veggie haters be the first to the table. 

What Can I Grill?

Any vegetable that you can think of can be grilled. Thicker vegetables, especially root veggies, should be sliced into manageable portions to cut down on the time it takes to cook them. Otherwise, you may find your steaks getting cold, while the sweet potatoes take their own sweet time. 

How Do I Grill My Vegetables?

There are a few tried and true techniques, that cover any vegetable you want. Each gives a different outcome, so experiment!

Try slicing your choice of vegetable in a light oil (I usually stick with olive oil), sprinkle on seasonings and place the seasoned slices directly on the grill. Stick close by, and keep the flame from scorching the surfaces too much. You can also wrap your vegetables in foil  after seasoning, and place that packet onto the grill. This simply heats the veggies up so that they steam. It is a nice alternative to grilling - especially mid season, when you have been eating grilled things 

Finally, try placing your desired vegetables into a shallow pan and place that onto the grill. If you simply want to efficiently cook the entire meal in one location, this is the way to do it. Unless you are specifically smoking, your veggies won't pick up a discernable essence of grilling if done this way. 

Where Do I Find Grilled Vegetable Recipes?

I thought you would never ask! This Grilled Asparagus recipe is what we had for dinner last night. It is fantastic, and is the only way some of the kids will even eat asparagus. Try it!




Barnaby Dorfman's picture
Grilled veggies is one of my favorite meals. I love boiling whole wheat berries until soft, sort of like a polenta, and then adding chopped grilled zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and/or asparagus!