What's Hot: Grown-Up Hazelnut Blackberry PBJ with Blue Cheese

November 10, 2013

This grown-up PBJ has gone rogue, with the surprising addition of crumbled blue cheese to a rare combo of blackberry and hazelnut. All is sandwiched between two hearty slices of sourdough bread, then skillet-browned with butter.

This is a quick and easy sandwich recipe for the adventurous.

Rogue PB n'J
Submitted by Susan Harrell

2 slices of good sourdough bread
1 tablespoon Marionberry (blackberry) jam
1 tablespoon hazelnut butter
Rogue River Blue Cheese, to your taste as it is very full flavored

Slather the jelly and nut butter over the sliced bread and sprinkle with some of the blue cheese.

Spread some butter on the outside of each slice of bread and out in a non-stick skillet. Cook for about 3-ish minutes on each side. Be careful to not heat the sauté pan too much because you do not want to burn the jelly when it oozes out a bit.

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