Root Beer Float Rice Krispie Treats are Fun Food

January 1, 2014

Have some fun the next time you get the kids in the kitchen for a Rice Krispie treat session! This marshmallow-rich recipe from Foods for the Soul is so playful and fun because the top vanilla layer resembles ice cream, and the bottom layer is spiced just like root beer. Root beer float Rice Krispie treats are a win for everyone, and you don’t even need a silly straw!

Root Beer Float Rice Krispie Treats


for the root beer layer
3 c rice krispies cereal
1 tbsp butter (or margarine)
2½ c mini marshmallows (or about 30 jumbo)
1 tbsp root beer extract

for the vanilla layer
1½ c rice krispies cereal
½ tbsp butter or margarine
1¼ c mini marshmallows (or about 16 jumbo)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Click here for full instructions.

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