Baijiu becomes Byejoe in a gorgeous new cocktail with Campari

April 23, 2014

What is Baijiu?  Well it's new to the market.

Byejoe is new to me too.  I had thought that I knew (nearly) every spirit sold here in our country, well now- more accurately, far from every spirit. But I'm learning every day. Maybe someday I can say I've tried (nearly) everything.... I'm getting there.  S L O W L Y...

This is true because of our new global economy, international trade with countries like China and Vietnam has been forbidden until very recently.  It must be a trend because I've received several liquors from the other side of the globe that are really making a play for my thirst!

  And what gorgeous products there are in the liquor arena from these Asian countries. 

So imagine my thirst being sated by the discovery of Byejoe.  Byejoe derived phonetically perhaps, from the Chinese word, BAIJIU is distilled from Red Sorgum. Red Sorgum is a type of grain that has been grown in China for thousands of years.  It's no flash in the pan.

It's a formidable liquor.  Not for the meek, certainly not for the unaware.  This is serious stuff, cut down to 80 Proof. 

I've seen Baijiu in Asian grocers and knew that at nearly the Proof level of Moonshine, drinking this stuff on an empty stomach can be less than advisable. 

However this new Baijiu named Byejoe is such a surprise that I felt that their market needs to grow.  Baijiu as a genre is an aromatic and assertive pour.  It's usually aimed at an Asian clientele, but that's not to mean that everyone cannot enjoy Byejoe.   Far from.

      I want you to find a bottle, today.  Do it now!

You do understand that drinking Byejoe is an experience in flavor unappreciated until recently.  You just couldn't get what we have on the shelves unless you knew someone who was bringing the full throttle stuff back from China.

That problem, fortunately is way behind us now.  And the purity of the product is assured with the proprietary process of filtration and re-blending done stateside. 

Have I told you that Byejoe mixes like a dream?

Perhaps this little drink made with Campari and Seltzer water with orange zest will perk up your thirst?

I hope so, because I'm having another one.

Just like the other one.  It's sort of like a Negroni in color.  That's about it. 

Ok, there is the attractive bitterness and the full bodied aromatics that say Baijiu or Byejoe when you mix it with Campari! 

Why aren't you ordering a bottle?


Did I tell you that I really like this drink?


Seize Me These Fellows!


2 oz. Byejoe (Baijiu)

1 oz. Campari

1 oz. Seltzer Water

2 drops Angostura Bitters

Orange zest (cut with a paring knife, not a peeler!)

pinch of sea salt


In a Cocktail Mixing Glass, fill 3/4 with ice

Add the liquors

Stir to cool about 40 stirs

Strain into a glass with one large ice cube and top with a mere splash of seltzer

Dot with Angostura Bitters and wet the inside of the glass rim with orange zest

Pinch another orange zest over the top of the drink behind a match and burn the oils over the top

Add a pinch of sea salt over the top and call it a day