3 Amazing Grilled Fruit Recipes

June 24, 2014

Your grill is about to get a serious workout. That makes it so easy on the cook, with no hot kitchen, plenty of boosted flavors, and a family that will finally sit down to eat your cooking without complaint. Check out the desserts you can also grill-often while the main dish is cooking. Your grill will become a multi-tasking power tool. You're welcome! 

Rum-Glazed Grilled Pineapple

Two words: Rum Pineapple. This mouthwatering pair is made even more delectable by cooking it on the grill until tender and gorgeous. You are going to fall in love with this exotic tasting dessert.

Grilled Banana Split

Banana splits just got better. These grilled banana splits are based on soft, sweet caramelized bananas, warm and luscious from a few minutes on the grill. Imagine how great they would be topped with your favorite banana split ingredients. We want to eat them every day of summer! 


Grilled Peaches

Submitted by Chik N' Pastry

Grilling peaches just gives them enough love that they become transformed. This is one fruit that is a must have for the grilling season. Juicy peaches take on a glazed, succulent nature when they are exposed to the heat of a grill. Kids and adults alike, will adore this simple recipe. We especially love grilled peaches over homemade vanilla ice cream.

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