3 Chilled Summer Soups

June 30, 2014

Summer suppers taste great when they are light and cooling. Soup is the perfect choice on a hot summer night, when it is a chilled recipe. You can enjoy the freshest flavors of summer, blended into these classic (and not so classic) recipes. Let your garden be your guide, and vary these recipes based on what is available throughout the season.  Enjoy! 

Cucumber Avocado Soup

Submitted by Corrinne

Creaminess abounds with this velvety soup of avocados and cucumbers. The addition of creamy goat cheese marries well with the creamy coconut milk. It's a melody of flavors in this cooling recipe. You are going to fall in love. 

Classic Gazpacho

Submitted by Scott Koeneman

This classic summer gazpacho says seasonal in every bite. It's a luscious creamy textured soup, served warm or cooled, and tastes of the freshness that you can only get during the growing season. Use your Farmer's market as your guide, and switch up the ingredients a bit to keep things seasonal. This is a wonderful addition to a light summer summer table. 

Mulberry Soup with Ginger Yogurt

Submitted by Sanura Weathers

We bet you had no idea that the summer fruit; Mulberry, made a wonderful chilled summer soup? We wanted to introduce you to our new food crush. This chilled mulberry soup is an over the top summer treat. It is full of nutrition, but that is only a small part of what makes it so special. Fresh mulberries, Elderberry Liqueur, vanilla and sugar, make up the base of this delightful dish. Then, with a hint of mint and a dollop of ginger infused yogurt, completes this special bowl. It is fancy enough for guests, yet tasty and easy enough for everyday eating. We suggest making it at least once this summer. It's wonderful. 

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