2 Quick and Easy 4th of July Treats for Kids

July 4, 2014

These 4th of July treats are not delicious to taste, they are also as patriotic as can be. Made in the traditional red, white and blue combinations, we think it's so fun to see how different blogger have shown their love of America; straight from the kitchen. Both of these recipes are easy enough for your kids to help out making, so perhaps you can start a new holiday tradition in the kitchen! 

Star-Spangled Gumdrops

From Mom on Time Out

Chewy and tart/sweet, these gumdrops are a fun treat for adults and kids alike. Cutting them into cute start shapes is pure genius. So fun and festive! This is an updated recipe on the classic Jello Jiggler. They are drier, so neater to eat. Truly a chewy snack that says "Patriotic!"

Patriotic Popcorn Lollipops

From Simply Kierste.com

The only thing that is more fun than a part treat, is one that the kids can help make! We love these Patriotic Popcorn Lollipops, from Simply Kierste. They are easy for kids to make, and the flavor is delish. After popping your favorite popcorn, you pour a creamy, sweet marshmallow and butter mixture over it and form into the "pops."

Sprinkle on some festive colored sprinkles and there you go! These are on lollipop sticks to make it easier to hold, but they would be just as cute wrapped in colored cellophane and tied with a bow.