Celebrate Hurricane Authur With This Boozy Classic

July 4, 2014


Hurricane Drink

From My Life As A Mrs

Here in the Northeast, it's raining and the wind is blowing..Hurricane Author is making his presence known far and wide. We decided to weather out the storm with plenty of snacks and of course, Author's namesake; The Hurricane. 

This sweet, fruity rum drink has seen plenty of variety to the original recipe, but the basic idea is rum, fruit juice, and grenadine. All other recipes are just variations of the now famous bar owner; Pat O'Brian recipe that he came up with to use the excess of rum  on hand when the stock of other spirits were low due to the WWII. The drink became so popular, it's grown an iconic following. We at Foodista are proud Hurricane lovers, and hope you can find something good in this stormy holiday weekend. Here is to hoping what you find is a fruity rum beverage. 

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