Whiskey Cocktails and forthcoming Tales of the Cocktail

July 10, 2014

This has turned into a very exciting summer.  My second book, Whiskey Cocktails is now in pre-sell through my publisher and Amazon of course.   Amazon was incredibly kind to me with respect to Apothecary Cocktails.  I have all anticipation that Whiskey Cocktails will follow and exceed the buzz generated around Apothecary Cocktails.  

And that gets me thinking.  In a week's time, I'll be sweating it out with my bar industry friends in New Orleans.  Each July comes the time  for the yearly, three ring (or more) circus named Tales of the Cocktail. 

Tales of the Cocktail is the real thing in a "cocktail week" of the day world.  A class act.  

Ann Tuennerman is the ringmaster and she knows everyone's name.  I've never seen anything like it outside of politics.    Hat's off to you, Ann!  I cannot wait to be back! 

I'll be doing book signings for Apothecary Cocktails each day of Tales at the Hotel Monteleone.  Starting Wednesday the 16th. from 2-2:30...  Then each day, Thursday-Sunday at 12:30-1:00 ...

If you are in New Orleans for Tales and you haven't bought a copy, please drop by and say hi to Klaus.

 Maybe you'll want a picture with the little guy?  

Anyhow... time is short today..  I wanted to share what's been going on here in the tasting world...  I've received so many interesting things lately...  For the Stonewall Kitchen event, up in Maine, I'm using Royal Rose simple syrup of Cardamom and Clove one day and the other the soda and cocktail syrup from Fruitations in Massachusetts- the Tangerine flavor is going to bring life to a mock-tail I'm spinning for anyone who shows up...   it's going to be really exciting for me to be back in York, Maine....  I started my culinary career at the York Harbor Inn back in 1985.  

I was their pot-scrubber/dishwasher... Full circle...  How times change, yet stay the same? 

There are things we can do and others that we cannot.   I cannot do over my life, but to teach at Stonewall Kitchen is like being in the past, very much into the present tense.  

I hope that you pre-order my 2nd book, Whiskey Cocktails.  It's my pleasure to share with you my recipes and hope that you let me know what you think. 


A cocktail from my forthcoming book, Whiskey Cocktails.

Ulysses, Left on Ithaca

4 ounces (120 ml) freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, cooled

3 ounces (90 ml) smoked American whiskey

2 ounces (60 ml) Spicy Ginger Honey Simple Syrup (see below)

1 ounce (30 ml) club soda

2 pinches of sea salt

2 sprigs of thyme

Brew and cool the Earl Grey tea. Fill a mixing glass three-quarters full with ice. Pour the whiskey, tea, and the Spicy Ginger Honey Simple Syrup over the ice, then stir to combine. Taste for sweetness: If it’s not sweet enough, add a bit more simple syrup. Place a chunk of hand-cut ice into each of two short rocks glasses. (If you really want to bring out the gingery taste of the simple syrup, make ginger ice in advance: Freeze slices of fresh ginger root into your homemade ice.) Add the splash of club soda to each glass, and top each with a pinch of sea salt to add a welcome “crunch” to each sip. Garnish with the thyme sprigs—and get ready to pour a second round.