Amazing School Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

August 17, 2014

Back to school lunch boxes are filling up once again. We found some more awesome ideas for snacks and filling ingredients to keep your little scholars running. Check them out. 

Healthy but still treat-like, your kids are going to love any of these healthy treat ideas that are perfect for little hands. 

Healthy Lunch Box Recipes

From The Whimsical Wife

Easy and Quick Sausage Roll

From Kaloria

You may think of these treats as the more Americanized name Pigs in a Blanket, but no matter what you call them you are going to love these  tasty buns. 

Mini Pita Pizzas

From Kitchensimplicity

Never buy one of those prepackaged pizza lunch kits again. Here you have the simple instructions and the end results taste much better! 




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