Must Try Casserole Recipes

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September 10, 2014

These are not your mom's casseroles. No more dried out, canned soup, powdered onion soup mix, and noodle messes that have to be consumed with plenty of koolaid to even go down the hatch. These casseroles take center stage and are flavorful enough for company and your good dishes. We love the unexpected flavors and variety you will find in this list. Make some for breakfast and you have a quick, hearty morning meal. Make them for brunch as a special occasion to savor your meal, and finally, make them for the quick and easy way they come together and feed your loved ones. 

Casseroles are your go to on those nights when everyone has to be somewhere and there is not time to make dinner. They area also useful to store in the freezer for those crazy days or unexpected evenings when you run out of time or energy. Make one for tonight and the second one to eat later. It's like insurance for when things get a little bit crazy.

We want to make casseroles at least once a week. Our moms would be a little bit confused, but certainly proud. 

Philly Cheesesteak Lasagna Recipe

From Thrillest

We had to lead with this casserole featuring a mashup of two of the tastiest things we crave. Lasagna meets Philly Cheesesteak in a creamy, rich delight for the senses. Of course you love casserole when it's full of cheese and meat. Really now. 

Turkey Taco Quinoa Bake

From Lori's Mississippi Kitchen

Turkey  and healthy quinoa adds a flavorful but lighter touch to what sometimes can be a heavy dish. All of the flavor (dare we say MORE?) and not nearly as much of the fat and guilt. Perfect. 


Spicy Breakfast Strata

From Inquiring Chef

Just like it's name, this recipe ends up being the favorite breakfast choice even when things aren't hectic. Starting your day with a kick of Chorizo and spices is always a good idea, right? 

Easy Veggie Packed Mexican Casserole

From CaitsPlate

Combining all the beautiful veggies that you can with spicy Mexican flavors, and you have the perfect casserole. So tasty! 


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