5 Crazy Good Cupcakes You Must Try

September 16, 2014

Cupcakes are a handheld piece of cake. Let's be honest about it. Cupcakes are really the perfectly sized, handheld personal cake. When you think of cupcakes that way, you realize that each one is a work of art, and perhaps you will savor each bite for it's tasty one of a kind dessert it is. Check out the awesome list of cupcakes that we found. Each one is uniquely flavored and so very pretty. Enjoy your perfect bite, make a cupcake! 

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with salted Coconut Oil Frosting

From Veggie and the Beast Feast

We love coconut oil as an ingredient in baked goods. There is no other way to add moistness and give your baked good a little protection from drying out. Coconut oil adds a such a wonderful addition to this recipe. You will be amazed. 

Caramel Apple Cupcakes


From 3 Boys Unprocessed

A true Fall Flavor, this is every bite of caramel apple that you crave, but in a soft, moist cupcake. Wouldn't this make a sweet ending to a family meal? We love them! 

Raspberry Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

From Butterandbrioche

Very close to a cupcake, these are actually called Friands. They are sweet like the little cakes you know, but baked until they have a crispy outer layer with a delicate, sweet inside. So beautiful and flavorful. The raspberries and vanillas are perfect. 

Hazelnut Autumn Spice Cupcakes

From Vitamin Sunshine

A wonderful fall flavored dessert, these hazelnut cupcakes are topped with a sweet autumn spice buttercream. They are grain free and perfect for snacking. Enjoy!

Raspberry Chocolate Muffins

From Lecreme de la crumb

How much more chocolate can you handle? These chocolate morsels and double chocolate and filled with sweet raspberry surprise. A delicious ending to a meal. 

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