5 Awesome Bread Machine Recipes

September 18, 2014

Head over to your local thrift store and buy one of the bread machines you see sitting there. For some reason, the awesomeness of the bread machine has never really taken off. For those of us who do use one, it's a match made in heaven. What better way to make fresh bread, than to dump it all in a pan that automatically kneads, proofs and rests your dough in the perfect environment? Some bread machines even make the butter for you, but there is not need to get too overwhelmed. All you need is a clean, working machine. I do recommend buying one that does anything up to 2lb loaves though. It's just as much work (or lack of) to make a 2 lb loaf as it is a little 1 lb. So make the big one and freeze the extra. In fact, some people even slice their cooled bread and keep the slices wrapped and in the freezer. Take one or two out as needed and toast. Perfect! 

Bread Machine Hamburger Buns

From Designs By Gollum

With a bread machine and a few simple ingredients, never again be plagued by stale rolls for your tasty burgers. This is a nice recipe to have on hand for sliders, sub sandwiches, and of course the traditional burger meal. So good! 


Bat Bread

From Cake Student

We just had to include this cool loaf with it's bat shaped center. Why not whip up a few of these breads, and have  yourself a frightful Halloween. 

Homemade Croissants

From Dine and Dish

We know that croissants are the quintessential treat with dinner, flaky crust and easy to bit into, but they are also the shape of this special dinner roll. Made in the breadmaker, your dough will be velvety smootyh. 

Pecan Sticky Buns From Bread Machine Dough

From Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

Sticky buns require a butter heavy dough that can be a little difficult to create. Not anymore when you use a bread machine. These are flavored with lovely sugared pecans. Yes, please! 

Cracked Pepper and Chives Bread

From All About Food

Not all bread machine loaves come out in square blocks. This bread is created in the bread machine and then allowed to rise after being reformed by hand. You end up with perfectly kneaded dough so the bread is amazing as a result. 

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