Sexy S'mores Bars and Treats

October 27, 2014

S'mores are a luscious treat that is popular on every camping trip. Just build a campfire and someone magically pulls out the fixin's for s'mores. If you are not a fan of camping, or it's just not that time of year, you can enjoy the fabulous taste of s'mores in more than the traditional marshmallow on a stick variety. Check out some of the beautiful and interesting ways to get that classic taste in every bite. You never have to light a match!

S'mores Cookie Bars

From Chocolate, Chocolate and More

Let's combine two fab treats; S'mores and cookies! We think these can be made any time of year and won't smoosh apart when you bit into them. That's considered a win-win in our book.


S'mores Ice Cream Cones

From Motherhood on a Dime

Everyone knows that ice cream cones are just holders for good stuff to eat. Who says that stuff has to be cold? How about this unique way to get a delicious bite of S'more into your mouth? They are like a mess free version of this traditional campfire treat. Awesome!

S'mores Cups

From Cupcake Crusaders

Take the messy (and fabulous) traditional S'more, and make them all dressed up. This recipe has all the flavors you love and yet-it's just so pretty. We think this makes the common campfire S'more much more welcome at your next dinner party. 

Homemade S'mores Pop Tarts

From Handle The Heat

Why run out of your favorite snack; the pop tart, when you can make them at home and fill with all the S'more goodness that everyone craves? We want to make these and eat them, and make them and eat them. So good!


Nutella S'mores Granola Bars

From Inside BruCrew Life

So, granola is healthy right? We suppose that means that a s'more with nutella and granola mixed in would actually be more healthy than not? Of course it is!! So perfect for the lunch box. Your little chef's will appreciate the flavor and you will appreciate the no-mess factor.