Urbanspoon Releases Top Dish of the Year by Users

December 11, 2014

The Urbanspoon app contains a wealth of data about people's preferences and experiences when it comes to eating out.  This year, the data showed that Americans favored the filet mignon from Boulevard restaurant in San Francisco and prefered the bacon maple bar doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts.  Check out the other top picks in the list below.

Top Dishes of the Year:

·       Overall Best Dish of the yearBoulevard restaurant in San Francisco captured the honor of serving the best dish of the year, with its Filet Mignon. This classic dish captured the hearts of Urbanspoon users as the highest rated dish overall.

·       Best Sandwich: Katz's Pastrami from Katz's Delicatessen in New York. This sandwich is smoked to juicy perfection and hand-carved to diners’ specifications.

·       Best NoodleRamen from Daikokuya in Los Angeles. Urbanspoon users rave about this ramen, made with Kurobuta pork and simmered in a delicious broth.

·       Best Pizza: The Omni Pizza from 575 Pizzeria in Amarillo, TX. If you thought the best slice of pizza hails from Chicago or New York, think again! The Omni Pizza is the top-rated pizza on Urbanspoon, made with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms,    
                            green peppers, and black olives.

·       Best DessertBacon Maple Bar Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland. For a calorie overload, try this decadent dessert: a yeast doughnut topped with maple frosting and bacon.

·       Best BurgerThe Company Burger from The Company Burger in New Orleans. Americans’ favorite burger is a classic cheeseburger with two patties, housemade b&b pickles, American cheese, and red onions.

·       Best DumplingDumplings from Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston. These dumplings, whether they’re in a soup or pan-fried, are the best of the best among Urbanspoon users.

·       Best AppetizerGrilled Monterey Bay Calamari from Delfina in San Francisco. This favorite starter is not fried like most calamari appetizers, but is still a hit on Urbanspoon, and is paired perfectly with a warm white bean salad.

Top Five Cuisines of 2014:

·       Tapas: Restaurants featuring this style of smaller Spanish appetizers were some of the most frequented eateries this year by Urbanspoon users.

·       Italian: Americans can’t get enough classic Italian food, with pasta and pizza joints at the top of this year’s list.

·       Mediterranean: The Mediterranean diet, which boasts olive oil, vegetables and lean proteins, has been steadily rising in popularity, and the trend has driven a spike in Mediterranean-style restaurants visited on Urbanspoon.

·       Southern/Soul: BBQ, grits, and fried chicken are stars this year, with more Americans dining out at Southern and Soul Food restaurants in 2014 than in years past.

·       Japanese: Urbanspoon users couldn’t get enough ramen, miso, sake, and soba this year, as evidenced by the rise of Japanese restaurant reviews.

And What Foods Will Be the Favorites in 2015?

·       Pickled Cauliflower: Pickled and fermented foods are rapidly rising in popularity in reviews, and Urbanspoon predicts next year will be the year of the pickled vegetables. 

·       Chicken Wings: This isn’t your boring roast chicken! 2015 will mark the return of chicken dishes being the spotlight on restaurant menus.

·       Smoked Cabbage: It’s not just meats that are smoked anymore; Urbanspoon predicts smoked cabbage, and other smoked veggies, will take a top spot next year.

·       Artisanal Brittle: Craft and artisanal foods have seen a major comeback, and this favorite candy is sure to make a name for itself in 2015.

·       Savory Beignets: Once reserved as a sweet pastry, beignets with savory fillings like smoked shrimp or broccoli and cheese will be a favorite of chefs and diners alike.



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