Glorious Gingerbread Houses

December 13, 2014

Gingerbread is the quintessential treat for the holiday season. It makes beautiful confections for display and nibbling. Enjoy this list of beautiful gingerbread houses with some more elaborate than others, but all tasty and so festive! 

Gingerbread House with Cutout Cookies

From Gringalicious

Rustic and delicate at the same time, this gingerbread house is a beautiful creation. Isn't it wonderful? 

Graham Cracker Houses

From Sweet Phi

Not all gingerbread houses have to be made into huge artistic creations. These graham cracker houses are adorable and festive, even though they are scaled down to fairy house size. This would be a wonderful craft to do with children! 

Classic Gingerbread Cottage


A beautiful gingerbread house can be a sweet simple classic cottage. This one is decorated with an artistic hand with icing and nothing more. It's a wonderful treat! 

Adorable Mini Gingerbread Houses

From Cavoletto

These caught our eye the first time we saw one propped on a mug of cocoa. How can you not want to nipple one of these tiny little confections? Adorable!!

Gluten Free Gingerbread House

From Simply Gluten-Free

This gluten free gingerbread is tasty and beautiful. What a wonderful way to include everyone in the family-even though who are living gluten free.

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