Gorgeous Recipes That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

February 9, 2015

The first taste of food we have, is with our eyes. That's why the following recipes make this list of gorgeous foods. Of course they are delicious, of course they are unique, but what makes them the big winners are the fact that they are as stunning to the eye as they are tasty. Check out this list of pretty plates, and enjoy making a luscious meal that woos you with it's looks as much as it's flavor. 


Crystallized White Rose Cake

From Butter and Brioche

Crunchy Miso Beet Rice with Spinach and Egg

From Inspiralized

Vegetarian French Onion Soup

From Soup Addict


Baked Venison Stuffed Tomato

From Laura's Wild Kitchen

Creamy Tomato Curry With Lobster

From Half Baked Harvest

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