How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

March 7, 2015

Scrambled eggs are a humble dish, requiring three maybe four ingredients maximum, and yet many people have a hard time getting it right.  Eggs are prepared differently from place to place and country to country.  In the video below, master chef Jamie Oliver shows how you can make perfect scrambled eggs three different ways - The English way, the American way, and the French way.  While the technique may be completely different, there are some key similarities to keep in mind.  If you are looking for an incredible breakfast with minimal effort, scrambled eggs are definitely the way to go.

Lessons in Perfect Scrambled Eggs:

1. Good scrambled eggs only need butter, salt and pepper.  Many people like to add cream, milk or even water but if you start off with good quality eggs, none of those additions are necessary.

2. A solid rubber spatula is your best tool when preparing scrambled eggs.  Whether you prefer small curds or large ones, a flexible spatula allows to to easily lift the eggs from the bottom up when they are cooking.

3. Whisk the eggs together prior to adding them to the pan.  This will not only ensure even distribution of the white and yolk but also even cooking.

4. Low and slow is the name of the game.  In general, eggs cook at a low temperature and to achieve that velvety texture you must keep your inner pyro at bay.

5. Butter is your friend.  Be liberal with your butter, even when using a non-stick pan, because it adds incredible flavor.

6. Always remember there is carryover cooking.  When your eggs look just about done, remove them from the burner immediately as they will still cook in the hot pan.

7. While not necessary, toast makes everything better, even scrambled eggs.



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