5 Recipes That Will Make You Love Dates

March 9, 2015

Dates may have a bad reputation but these recipes will prove that they are as versatile as they are delicious (when used in the right recipes).  They can be an easy appetizer, part of breakfast, or even the base of a tasty dessert.

Muesli with Lemon and Dates
Recipe from Food 52

Muesli with lemon in dates is a unique and healthy breakfast. Inspired from the Middle East, this bowl of muesli is flavored with lemon zest, pomegranate molasses, pistachios, and dates. You can prepare this dish the night before and enjoy it the next morning.  

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Recipe from The Runaway Spoon

Satisfy your sweet tooth by making some sticky toffee pudding.  This dessert combines a moist sponge cake consisting of sugary dates with vanilla custard and toffee sauce, my mouth is watering just writing about it. Serve this classic British dessert with freshly whipped cream. I assure you this dessert will please the palate. 

Pancetta Wrapped Dates
Photo Credit: Sam Craig

Pancetta wrapped dates are a quick and easy appetizer that are great for entertaining.  This recipe requires only a few ingredients and very little work in terms of preparation. The sweetness of the dates coupled with the creamy cheese and salty pancetta is the perfect flavor combination.  Pancetta wrapped dates are a winning dish that everyone will love.

3 Ingredient Pistachio Date Bites
Recipe from Pumps and Iron

Three ingredient pistachio date bites are a simple and healthy snack. Sweet and chewy dates are blended in a food processor with pistachio nuts until they become a paste. The mixture is then rolled into bite sized balls and coated in chopped pistachios and hemp seeds.

Double Chocolate Zucchini Date Bread
Recipe from One More Cookie Blog

Date paste replaces granulated sugar to create a delicious guilt-free double chocolate zucchini date bread.  Furthermore, there is no added oil because applesauce adds moisture and flavor without the fat. This bread is great for breakfast or a mid day snack and a great way to sneak some more vegetables into your diet.


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