I'm tired of SWEET.. GIVE ME FLAVOR!

May 21, 2015

I'm tired of sweet drinks... The kind of drinks that say cheap and poorly executed.  You know which ones that I'm discussing.  They come disguised as flavored vodka or worse- flavored whiskey or even flavored WHISKY... You know the brands- you're smart.  Brands with made up names and spicy flavors that say corn syrup sweeteners and darker secret ingredients.  I don't want to know.  And really?  I don't care to know because I'm not going to review them- even if they are free... Because they are just disgusting.  The two buck chuck (or upchuck as it were of the liquor world...)  There is just nothing redeeming about using sour mix and triple sec along with flavored vodka and heavy cream.  I saw a guy the other day in a respected cocktail competition show up with canned pineapple juice, orange juice from concentrate, the base ingredient (gin) and Sprite soda.  He proceeded to spill the first batch all over the table.  The second batch that he "crafted" included the soda, which burst all over when he shook it in the Boston Shaker - and then it was only a pour over- not a shake.  What could I say.  Would he listen?  I doubt it.

It just doesn't matter to me I suppose.  Not that he is a bad person, just misguided somehow.  Stuck in the 1980's and Miami Vice is swirling in the background.  I'd suggest that instead of baffling us with BS, he should try to make a perfect Negroni.  And while he's at it, finger stir it.  It worked for Gary Regan and they'd never forget the drink.

Heck... it might even win.  Because at the end of the day- I'll vote for the one with the most passion.  The one drink that calls out to me. 

Not garbage pail drinks- and I KNOW you know who makes them.  (stay away!)


Nah.. Sweet drinks are not for me.  That's why I'm drinking Rye.  Rye is authentic.  Rye is that pastrami sandwich with extra fat.  Rye is history in a sip and dammit, rye is not meant to be mixed with flavored vodka.  No way and no how.  That sound, flavored vodka evokes the charging horses and blazing cannon fire! Don't do it! 


Four Rye Whiskies you MUST find right now.

Barrell Whiskey, Batch #001, Bottle # 1831 out of I think 5000 or fewer. whatever.. there isn't much to be had so rush out and get some soon... Although not 100% Rye, this brilliant effort enters your imagination and makes everyone who drinks it into a best-selling author.  Well maybe not best-selling and certainly not an author- but you get the gist.  Barrell Whiskey is produced in used Bourbon casks- instead of new wood.  It is also a blend of rye and corn- which precludes it from being called Bourbon.  But whatever you think of it, I say sip some.  Dribble some water over the top to release the candor... There is plenty of that at 122.5 proof.  I suggest keeping a fan at the ready.  And wear a seersucker suit.  It's almost Memorial Day, so break out your white bucks and rest awhile.  Bursts of long cooked peaches give way to salt water taffy and Thai spices.. Wet stones come into view and the sky clears somewhat from the fog of the 122.5 Spirits.  But don't despair.  There is plenty of stuffing to keep you amused as it swirls around your memory.  Now hurry onto the inter-webs and find some now!  Aged 7 Years in used wood.  Go!  Hush!

Legs Diamond- Nahmias Et Fils.  This brilliant effort from New York, specifically- Yonkers, NY is the sleeper of the bunch.  Bursting with raw honey notes along with splashes of saddle leather and more honey dripping on honey combs, the Legs Diamond Rye is immediately captivating and bold.  I'm enthralled by this whiskey and rightfully so.  Good luck finding it- but then if you live in the New York Metro area- it's up to you to find it!  I'm thinking Pickett's Ginger Beer and Legs Diamond Rye with Saratoga Water.. what do you think?

Redemption Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey - Aged 7 Years 123.2 Proof... Can you say powerful?  Authentic?  Bold?  Rich?  Smashing on its own or even in a (dare I say) Mint Julep?  You'd better head right to the store and get some.  I'd say try Drink Up NY... Wherever you can find it, do it now.  What you have here is authentic Rye Whiskey without fluff.  No, it's not sweet.  It's not flavored and it's really not for everyone.  From the cork finish to the wax coating on the massive bottle- it's a thing of rare beauty to say, I'll have a glass of the good stuff.  95% rye and 5% barley malt for character.  good.. really really good. 

Redemption Barrel Proof Straight Rye Whiskey- Aged 10 Years 110.1 Proof...  Rich, powerful.. Memorable.  Char.  Smoke. Dreams.  Maple water.  Freshly cut grass.  Sweet Caramel.  Salt.  Fire.  Smoke.  Whew.. the good stuff. 


My third book was just released.  Please peruse and consider buying a copy?  Thank you very kindly.  Warren

Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails

Restorative Vintage Cocktails, Mocktails, and Elixirs

Bitters and Shrub Syrup Cocktails

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Philip M. Dobard

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ISBN: 9781592336753
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
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So simple to create at home, Bitters and Shrub Syrups will add an incredible depth of flavor to any beverage.

Historically, cocktail bitters, drinking vinegars, and even infused syrups were originally used for curing sickness with high concentrations of beneficial (healing) herbs and flowers. The slight alcohol base of bitters kept the often-fragile ingredients from rotting in the age before refrigeration. Bitters in the modern cocktail bar are embraced as concentrated and sophisticated flavor agents, although they are still used in holistic healing by herbalists. Shrubs add both tart and sweet notes to a craft cocktail or mocktail. They sate your hunger and quench your thirst, while stimulating digestion and good health of the gut.

The Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bobrow, has been using bitters and shrubs in his quest for added zest in many of his craft cocktails, adding depth and mystery to a generic mixed drink.