Summertime Sweet Corn

August 13, 2015

Late summer means one thing; the sweet corn is finally ready. Oh sure, you have probably seen it offered at your local grocery store or big box stores since spring, but I have a secret. Corn from your local store is more than likely not local at all. In fact, it's probably shipped in from another location where it has been turning from the sugar filled, juicy kernels into the starch filled  bits that you end up with.

What you want, is fresh corn that is grown and harvested with as little time as possible from garden to plate. Then you can really see what fresh sweet corn should taste like. It's good enough to be the only thing you eat at a meal. We love to grill it and serve it with cold lemonade around a bonfire. Try grilling up your ears and inviting friends and family over for a corn party! See if you like any of these cool and slightly different recipes that all highlight the perfection that is late summer corn!

Grilled Corn Bacon Flatbread

From Yin and Yolk

Raw Radish and Corn Salad

From Veggie Inspired Journey

Grilled Corn 

From Simply Sated

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