3 Delicious Ways to Use Up All Those Extra Tomatoes

August 22, 2015

A quick trip to the farmer's market and I am once again loaded down with bags of fresh, heirloom tomatoes. In fact, in a wonderful coincidence, we pulled in to the parking lot and the man bringing tomatoes to market was also getting out of his truck. We bought all he could spare. Now, I am home and there are bags of beautiful tomatoes just taunting me into making something delicious with them. It's a wonderful problem and here is how I manage it. 

Simple Canned Tomatoes

From The Farming Wife

The first canning recipe that I recommend to anyone who wants to break free of the jelly cycle. After a long day of work, you don't want to be looking at a cupboard full of nothing but toast topping. If you make a basic food ingredient that can be transformed into a list of delicious foods, then you have to learn to can tomatoes. 

Fresh Green Tomato Chutney

From The Farming Wife

Some years are better than others for your backyard garden. No worries if your tomatoes are staring down fall and are still as green as can be. This chutney if the perfect answer. 

Classic BLT Sandwich

From Foodista.com

Let's face it: you can't do a damn thing with any tomatoes if you skip making this classic drool-worthy sandwich. It would be a crime. The dressings and bread may change, but the three ingredient must haves stay the same. A fresh tomato from the garden is critical for the perfect BLT. Be sure you get a chance to taste this summer treat. 


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