5 School Lunch Snacks Every Parent Should Pack

September 2, 2015

Parents spend a small fortune on brown bag lunches; everything from the sandwich to the juice box to the array of snacks are artfully chosen to be apart of "today's lunch special."  Many of these snacks can be re-created at home with little effort and you can even keep the leftovers for yourself (afterall, you are the one who makes them).  

Consider something as simple as a yogurt fruit cup.  This snack requires two, maybe three ingredients maximum - vanilla yogurt, fruit jam and perhaps a topping (think chopped nuts or granola).  The cost of these three ingredients translates to a cheaper grocery bill overall because you are buying in bulk instead of individually.  Why purchase individually portioned hummus cups when you can make a batch large enough to feed the whole family with some to spare?  The same goes for the other snack recipes listed below.

Make the transition from summer vacation to school a little easier this year by planning ahead and taking the time to make these scrumptious homemade snacks for you and the kids.

Autumn Spiced Buttered Popcorn
Photo Credit: Natalie (Perrys' Plate)

Homemade Chewy Granola Bars
Photo Credit: bigal_60714

Spiced Nuts
Photo Credit: Sheri Wetherell

Cherry Vanilla Yogurt Parfaits
Submitted to Foodista by Gayle B

Carrots and Hummus
Photo credit: Lior Bakalu

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