Sweet Spooky Halloween Treats

October 24, 2015

Halloween is the spookiest, but also the cutest time of year. With all the ghosts and goblins running around, it's high time to make some treats worthy of all that adorable celebrating. Halloween is also the impromptu party season, and having a list of quick and easy snacks to bring will give you more time to look for the perfect costume to wear! 

Here are 5 adorably spooky treats for everyone this Halloween. Which one is your favorite? 

Boo Bark

From Simply Beautiful Eating

Headless Horseman Cupcakes

From The Simple Sweet Life

Ginger Spider Cookies

From Bite Me More

Spider Egg Cupcakes

From Easy Baked

Broomsticks and Halloween Crafts

From Tara's Multicultural Table 



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