How to Eat a Lobster and Other Edible Enigmas Explained

March 23, 2017

 "Your flag is on the table," my brother and I used to tell each other when our napkin remained on the table instead of our lap. Don't ask me why we called it a flag, it's just the fun way our parents taught us. We were also taught to keep our elbows off the table, ask to be excused, clear our dishes (and put them in the washer), and push our chairs gently beneath the table. It was one of my mom's biggest fears, that we would be an improper or impolite guest at someone's home or in public. Dad always said you could only make a first impression once. They both thought our behavior was a reflection on their parenting. Now, as a parent myself I know they're right, and I give them both huge props for training my brother and me in the basics (and sometimes beyond) of good table manners and simple, yet useful life skills.

How to Eat a Lobster and Other Edible Enigmas Explained is a new, pocket-size book that is perfect for the young foodie about to navigate the culinary world. This handy little book features three sections: Tricky Techniques includes useful tips like How to Eat a Whole Fish (even some adults are baffled by the filleting of a fish), How to Slice a Mango (spoiler alert: the skin is left on and you cut a checkerboard pattern), How to Carve a Chicken (this tip will save you money, too!), and for the daring, How to Eat a Pig’s Head (there are some tasty bits on there!). In Etiquette Enigmas you’ll find helpful techniques such as How to Use the Correct Fork, How to Hold a Wineglass (especially useful for the new, inexperienced drinker!), and How to Eat Sushi (I lived in Japan and, trust me, most Americans do it wrong). The section on Foodie Fixes will teach you How to Eat Something Messy, How to Pace Yourself When Drinking, and How to Taste Something You Hate (tactfully and without hurting feelings).

The book also has a helpful Resources section with recommended etiquette books like Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck and Stuff Every Graduate Should Know, plus recommended cookbooks, websites (which somehow is missing Foodista from the list! - wink), and both Android and iOS apps to help you eat and drink better.

How to Eat a Lobster is simply the perfect and entertaining little gift for a recent graduate, someone new to the culinary world, or anyone looking to hone their culinary knowledge and skills.