12 Brilliant New Gluten-Free Ways to Use Up Your Holiday Leftovers

December 26, 2019

The holidays are over — now, what do you do with all your leftover food? You could live on turkey and ham sandwiches for the next two weeks, but where's the fun in that? If you're looking for improved ways to use up what's lining your fridge, you're in the right place! 

Many people resolve to cut back on their carbohydrate intake for the new year. Some people do so to lose weight, while others want to treat conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. Whatever your rationale, the following 12 recipes cut the carbs but leave the delicious flavor. 

Turkey Quinoa Soup by Joyous Health

Did you know that starting a meal with a bowl of soup can lead you to consume fewer calories overall? It's true, particularly if you stick to clear broths. Turkey is naturally lean meat, and the quinoa in this dish adds bulk without all the white flour. If you're trying to increase your vegetable intake, too — or use up that leftover broccoli — you can toss it in the pot. 

Turkey Quinoa Soup

Simple Green Salad With Cranberry Sauce Vinaigrette by AA to ZZ

Nothing says “healthy” quite the way light, refreshing salad does. This recipe allows you to devour that leftover cranberry sauce you had no idea how to use! If you're allergic to nuts, you can leave out the walnuts. However, if you can tolerate them, these varieties contain compounds that improve your neurological functioning. They may even help you to beat any winter blues you're feeling! 

Gluten-Free Leftover Turkey Casserole by Allfreecasserolerecipes.com

Casseroles are the perfect place for many leftovers. However, you don't have to laden your meal down with carbohydrates to enjoy one. This recipe will delight your whole family while getting the leftover bird out of your refrigerator. Do you make ham instead of a turkey? You can substitute that ingredient — it works, as well. 

Turkey Tetrazzini by Gluten Free Easily

"But," you might think, "Doesn't tetrazzini contain noodles?" There are different varieties, you know. You can use chickpea or lentil noodles as an alternative — both hold up well on a fork. If you're watching calories as well as carbs, you can substitute zoodles — spiralized zucchini noodles. You can make this recipe vegan by replacing cashew cheese and a combination of coconut and almond milk. 

Gluten-Free Chicken Pot Pie by Gluten-Free Palate

Few things say comfort food the way that pot pie does. Did you think it was off the menu because of all the carbs? Think again! The best part about this dish is that you can make one large pie or two smaller ones. You decide if you want to share or keep all the goodness to yourself! 

Gluten free chicken pot pie

Broccoli and Ham Frittata by Kim's Cravings

Frittatas are perfect for leftovers because they give you an extra protein punch. This addition comes from the eggs, which you can buy humanely at your farmer's market. This dish offers the ideal grownup way for you to enjoy breakfast at dinnertime. 

Gluten free broccoli and ham frittata

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Casserole by Frigal Farm Wife

Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes don't have as much impact on your glycemic index. They're also high in beta carotene, a nutrient that your body converts to vitamin A. The pecans in this dish add filling fiber and protein. They also come packed with omega-3 fatty acids for neural health. 

Gluten-Free Shepherd's Pie from Cavegirl Cuisine

Are you planning to join the paleo revolution this new year? If so, opt for this baked dish that makes your oven do most of the heavy lifting for you. If you like things on the spicy side, you can adjust the level of Sriracha in the dish. You can also substitute another hot sauce of your choice. 

Ham and Broccoli Rice Skillet by Iowa Girl Eats

Unlike noodles made with white flour, you can find whole-grain rice that won't spike your blood sugar. You also avoid gluten, a wheat protein that causes significant gastrointestinal distress in some people. This recipe only calls for five ingredients, so it's perfect for those busy evenings when you're too exhausted to cook anything complicated. 

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Casserole by Show Me The Yummy

When Saturday morning rolls around, you want to enjoy a hearty breakfast with your family. Why not delight them and use up some holiday leftovers with this delightful gluten-free dish? The recipe calls for three different types of cheese, so if your family loves dairy, they'll adore this dish. Plus, the onions and peppers start your day with at least some vegetables. 

Shrimp Tacos With Tomatillo Salsa by Food & Wine

What on earth can you do with precooked shrimp? Quite a lot — but who doesn't love tacos? Treat your family to a south-of-the-border feast with that leftover appetizer tray. You can serve these on corn instead of flour tortillas to keep them gluten-free.  

Make Your Leftovers Brand New With These Recipes!

You can get additional mileage out of your holiday favorites with these recipes. Best of all, you can start the new year right — and gluten-free.