'MasterChef Australia' Winner Julie Goodwin Turns Down $250,000 Jenny Craig Deal

August 14, 2011

Julie Goodwin, the winner of the 2009 "MasterChef Australia" competition, has turned down a $250,000 Jenny Craig deal out of lack of interest. "I don't want to be thin. I don't want to be anything different to who I am," the chef said. "I think people have been really willing to embrace me for who I am."

Goodwin's rejection of Jenny Craig doesn't just have to do with her positive body image, however; she's simply got better things to do. Goodwin is now an ambassador for Oxfam and hopes to help Third World children fight back against famine. "I am less concerned about my weight than about the fact that one in seven people do not have enough food to eat each day," she explained.

Julie Goodwin hasn't abandoned the concepts of diet and exercise entirely, however. She says that she practices moderation in her diet and is working out with a professional soccer player.

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Good for her! Sounds like she has a beautiful heart to match her beautiful smile!