Sardine Sandwich


16 smalls sardines packed in oil
nonfat mayonnaise
onion thinly sliced


The "bestest" way to eat sardines. Get the plain ones, packed in oil, the smallest you can find, 16 or more to a small container. Norwegian imports usually. Find yourself a slice or two of good whole wheat bread, or Rye if you like it, spread it first with no fat/lofat mayo, then add a layer of your favorite mustard, then lay those cute little sardines over the bread, if you are really mustard happy add another layer to the top of the sardines and some very thinly sliced raw onion. There should be one or two sardines left over for the cat or the dog! Put another piece of bread on top or eat it open face.
NOTES : You will know Paradise when you have finished this and thank Andrew Weil for the rest of your days for putting you onto sardines. This was a staple at my house as a kid when I rejected it totally and now love it.


Fishhhhhh's picture

Sounds awesome. I take some good bread and cans of sardines that are packed in mustard when I go fishing. Easy fast good. I will try your fancier one though.


4.0 servings


Saturday, February 13, 2010 - 12:46pm



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