Boy Chokes to Death During School Lunch

December 18, 2011

A nine-year-old fourth grader choked to death on meatballs during his school lunch period, but the story gets much worse because cafeteria workers allegedly did nothing to help the young boy as he literally died in front of them. Jonathan Jewth attended PS 47 in Bruckner. He began choking on a meatball during lunch last week. 

Official records show the incident occurred around 12:15 p.m. but an ambulance was not called until 14 minutes later. An assistant principal and a parent performed "lifesaving measures" but only after some time had elapsed. Jonathan passed away later that week at a hospital. 

His mom dropped him off at school never knowing he wouldn't return home just from choking on a meatball, and we really, really want to know what happened to Jonathan," one family friend said. 

Witnesses claim cafeteria workers staff by and did nothing because they did not know how to perform CPR. A funeral for Jonathan was held last week. 

Should school staff be required to learn CPR? 

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Lindab's picture

I believe that, yes, cafeteria workers should know lifesaving measures, at least for choking. As a school nurse we are available, but do not accompany students to the cafeteria. Those first few minutes are so important when oxygen does not reach the brain because of lack of breathing. If someone would have reacted immediately, this tragedy may have been prevented.

caroK's picture

You shouldn't even have to ask this question! I am appalled that their ENTIRE school staff doesn't have that training! At the very least, someone should've run for the nurse. IMO, this should NOT have happened!