Lisa Ling Shares Her Daily Diet

June 23, 2012

Journalist and television personality Lisa Ling shared the foods she eats almost everyday with Shape magazine. On the very top of her list is hot sauce. 

"I have a zillion bottles of hot sauce," Ling said. "I love Trader Joe's jalapeno. The whole right side of my fridge is filled with hot sauce." 

When she needs a bit of protein, Ling will turn to beef jerky. Because of her hectic schedule, she always tries to keep her fridge stocked with cold cuts for a snack on-the-go. When she needs a salty snack, Ling will have some Chex Mix, "because it's better than chips." 

Ling also eats fruits like apples, peaches and cherries, and always makes sure to have nuts on her when she is traveling. 



roger's picture

Why do people keep calling her a "journalist?" Does she work daily in a newsroom for the Washington Post or any other real news org (sorry, Current does notcount)? No. Does she have producers put segments together for her when she does a special on TV once or twice a year and read from a teleprompter? Yes. Do we care what she eats? No.