Bramley's Seedling Apple


Apple trees can grow to a height of 30 feet and a width of 15 feet with a growth of 8 to 12 feet per year. They require rich soil, moderate watering, good drainage and full sun.

The trees are usually quite vigorous and heavy producers and not nearly as fussy or disease prone as a Cox's Orange Pippin. Bramley's are great baking and pie apples.


Translations: Bramley's Sēklaudzis Apple, Bramley's saditor Apple, Bramley's sadnica jabuka, Bramley cây giống của Apple, Bramley's Apple Seedling, Apple Bramley's Seedling, है एप्पल Bramley सीडलिंग, Apple Mudas Bramley's, Саженец Брамли в Apple, Δενδρύλλιο Apple Bramley του, براملي في أبل الشتلة, Bramley의 경종 애플, Bramley je Semenáč Apple, Брамлеи је садница јабука, Punla Apple's Bramley, 布拉姆利的苹果苗, Apple plàntules Bramley's, Sadik Bramley's Apple, Bramley je semenáče tabaku Apple, Apple Seedling Bramley's, אפל שתיל של בראמלי, Bramley's Groddplanta Apple, Bramley's Pembibitan Apple, ブラムリーの苗アップル, Apple Bramley's Seedling, Bramley's Sämling Apple, Bramley's Plantekvalitet Apple, Apple plántulas Bramley's, Саджанець Брамлі в Apple, Bramley's Taimi Apple, Bramley на разсад Apple

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Seasonality: january, february, march, opctober, november, december



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