Mustard Greens

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Mustard greens, Indian mustard and leaf mustard, is a species of mustard plant.The leaves are used in African cooking, and leaves, seeds, and stems are used in Indian cuisine.


Other names: Indian Mustard, Chinese Mustard, Leaf Mustard, Brassica Juncea
Translations: Sinepju Greens, Garstyčių Žaliųjų, Mustar Verzilor, Senf zelje, Musztarda Zielonych, Mosterd Groenen, सरसों का साग, Mostarda Verdes, Горчица, Μουστάρδα Πράσινοι, الخردل الخضر, 겨자 그린, Hořčice zelených, Mustasa mga gulay, 芥菜, Mostassa Verds, Gorčično Zelenih, Horčica zelených, Senape Verdi, חרדל הירוקים, Senap gröna, Сенф Зелени, マスタードグリーンズ, Feuilles de moutarde, Sennep Grønne, Sennep Greens, Mostaza Verdes, Гірчиця, Sinappi Vihreät, Горчица Зелените

Physical Description

It resembles a headless cabbage such as Kale; The leaves get to be several inches in length and grow to be a medium to dark green.

Colors: Medium to dak green

Tasting Notes

Flavors: mild to strongly spice, slightle bitter
Mouthfeel: Crisp, Crunche, Firm, Spice

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: january, february, march, december
Choosing: Choose mustard greens that are firm and perky with leaves that are free of blemishes, bruises, or yellowing. The stems should be plump and not withered in appearance. Cut ends should be dry and healthy without any hint of sliminess.
Buying: Mustard greens are widely available. Most often they're offered in the produce section of large chain-stores and supermarkets next to the kale, chard, and whole spinach. They're also sold in road side stands, and farmers' markets.
Mustard greens are a winter vegetable most often available when other vegetables are not.
Procuring: Plant mustard greens in the spring (about 3 weeks before the frost free date), and again three weeks later. Plant from midsummer on for a fall harvest.
Harvest greens when they are young and tender. You can harvest either the whole plant, or select leaves.

Preparation and Use

Fresh mustard greens mix well into salads and add a nice, refreshing balance to most lettuces. Another popular way to serve mustard greens is sauteed in olive oil with crushed garlic. Often mustard greens and collard greens are braised together as a side dish.

Cleaning: Mustard greens are easy to clean; fill a clean sink with cold water and float separated leaves. Give a couple of swishes to move the water across the leaves. Sand and grit will fall to the bottom of the sink. Gently pat your greens dry with a thick towel before use.
When using fresh, trim off the longer stems with your knife.

Conserving and Storing

Fresh mustard greens will keep in the refrigerator, unwashed, for about three days. Wrap them in damp paper towels for a couple of extra days.



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