Fresh Lychee


About the size of a large grape, each Lychee has a rough, rose-colored skin covered with small raised bumps. Beneath the thin and leathery peel is a fragrant pearly-white flesh surrounding a single black seed. The Lychee’s flavor is candy-sweet, perfumy and floral with musky grape-like undertones.

Treasured by Chinese royalty for thousands of years, fresh Lychees are slowly being discovered by Westerners for their ultra-sweet taste and exotic appeal.


Fresh Lychees are best enjoyed fresh out of hand or in fruit salads. Lychees are also sold canned in syrup or dried.


Other names: Lychee Nut, Litchi
Translations: Svaigu ličī, Šviežia Lychee, Litchi proaspete, Svježe liči, ताजा लीची, Свежие личи, Νωπά λίτσι, جديدة ليتشي, 신선한 열매, Čerstvé Liči, Segar Leci, Fresh litsiyas, 鲜荔枝, Fresc Lychee, Sveže Liči, Čerstvé Liči, ליצ 'י טרי, Färsk litchifrukt, Свеже личи, フレッシュライチ, Frais Lychee, Frisches Lychee, Friske Litchi, Fersk Litchi, Fresco Lychee, Свіжі лічі, Tuore Litsi, Прясно личи

Physical Description

Round wallnut size, pinkish rough skin with white flesh

Colors: pinkish

Tasting Notes

Flavors: sweet
Mouthfeel: Tart
Substitutes: Rambutan, Longan, Grape

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: june, july, august
Peak: june, july, august



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