Razor Clams


A large softshell clam found specifically on the North American west coast. The sweet meat can be sliced up and sauteed and used in pasta or soup. Most often the meat is dredged in a batter and deep fried and served with fries like fish and chips. The name comes from the long shape of the clam shell that resembles an old-fashioned folded, straight razor.
When in season, digging for razor clams is a popular west coast activity.


Other names: Atlantic Jackknife Clam
Translations: Valis Gliemenes, Razor Moliuskai, Razor scoici, Razor školjke, Razor Nghêu, Razor Małże, Mesheften, उस्तरा Clams, Razor Amêijoas, Ξυράφι Clams, الشائكة المحار, 면도칼 조개, Škeble jako břitva, Labaha tulya, 蛏子, Navalles, Razor školjke, Ulity ako britva, Razor Vongole, Razor הצדפות, Razor Musslor, Екв шкољке, レイザーアサリ, Razor palourdes, Schwertmuscheln, Navajas, Razor Simpukat, Razor Миди

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