One very old method for preserving meat is the preparation of sausages, which by 500 BC were already known in China, Rome and Greece. This history probably had its beginning when man learned that salt could be used as a meat preservative (the word sausage itself is believed to come from “salsus“, the Latin word for salt).

Presently sausages can be found either fresh or cured. Fresh sausages can be conserved for shorter periods of time, being usually kept under refrigeration. Cured sausages, which can be cooked or dried, however, can last much longer. The curing process can involve a variety of techniques and agents, such as salt, smoke, nitrates, nitrites and even sugar.


Translations: Desa, Dešra, Cârnat, Kobasica, Xúc Xích, Kiełbasa, Worst, सॉसेज, Salsicha, Колбаса, Λουκάνικο, سجق, 소시지, Klobása, Sosis, Batutay, 香肠, Salsitxa, Klobasa, Klobása, Salsiccia, נקניק, Korv, Кобасица, ソーセージ, Saucisse, Wurst, Pølse, Pølse, Salchicha, Ковбаса, Makkara, Наденица

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