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I maintain three blogs - 'Thibeault's Table' records my day-to-day cooking, 'Thibeault's Table the Recipe Collection' contains my favourite recipes from over 35 years of home cooking. And 'The Maple Cutting Board Gallery' features our own line of Vancouver Island Big Leaf Maple Cutting Boards. My philosophy of cooking is simple - "Recipes are meant to be shared". Blogging now provides opportunities to share recipes on a global level with no expense to readers. The recipes are either original, adaptations, or, in some cases unchanged from an original source. I always try to give attribution to the original source. The photos are all original. I would appreciate the courtesy of an acknowledgment and a link back to my blog if one of my recipes or photos are copied and posted elsewhere. Thank you for visiting my Blogs. I hope you will stop by often.


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August 2, 2011