Foodiewife (Debby)

I'm a homecook who is self-taught in cooking and baking. I aspire to learn more about food photography, and I am having so much fun capturing my recipes results in digital! My greatest inspiration in loving to make food is my mother. While she is now passed, she taught me how to make many of her German recipes. My father was Mexican (what a combo, huh?) and I have learned to make many of his nana's recipes. I like trying new recipes that challenge me. When something turns out to be tasty and pleasing to see, I feel a sense of accomplishment. My husband loves and appreciates my efforts in the kitchen. My grown son comes to visit, often, to enjoy mom's cooking. Food blogging has become a great way to meet fellow foodies, to be inspired and it's a new hobby-- now that my horse is retired and enjoying life without me coming at her with a bridle and saddle.


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