Question: are you a food criminal :-)

October 17, 2010


Chris Paulk's picture

Do you mean loading up a grocery store cart with all the New York & T Bone steaks and making a run for the door?
Do you mean reaching up and plucking a fig off the branch of my neighbors tree whose branch is hanging over my side of the fence.
Well..... yeah.

Fredo-Licioux's picture

Hey Chris
U need to be more criminal to join my squad :-))))

Joan M Williames's picture

Had a neighbor that I would classify food criminal as she could not even make mac and cheese without a recipe and most of the time you couldn't eat it. That is criminal!!!!

Emily Jelassi's picture

I try not to be, but occasionally...yeah. Kind of difficult to be perfect when it comes to food - even for a Chef.