Question: About Shecrab soup

February 19, 2011
I do a lot of creative cooking and am self taught. I cook the way I like food to taste. Sometimes I do the wrong things and sometimes I do them right. There's a lot I dont know but I'm always trying to get the best results. I've been making Shecrab soup for the past forty years (my way) and I've noticed that a seafood creame soup is always white. Well I always use the seasoning Old Bay and my creame soups always have a light redish color. I've always used this spice because I like to give the soup a little kick which in my opinion is great. Now what I want to know what do cooks use in a white shecrab soup to aquire the seafood taste. I know this is a simple question but I can't imagine soup without Old Bay. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Chris Paulk's picture

Mace, thyme, paprika, worcestershire, tabasco- all are use in she-crab soup. I think Old-Bay Seasoning is perfect! I have 2 cans in my pantry and think that it's perfect in this soup.