Question: Can I Freeze Unprepared Egg Yolks

May 4, 2010
Every now and then I have extra yolks and don't have time to make lemon curd. Can I freeze the egg yolks as-is, or do I need to prepare them in some way (like combine then with sugar)?


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Anything can be frozen. I'm not sure what will happens to egg yolks. I have a feeling they will not be exactly the same but depending upon what application you are going to use them for will determine the effect freezing had on them. Experiment with them. Freeze some and try it out.

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Well yes, anything can be frozen - but what I think I was after is the method for freezing that would be the least damaging to the protein of the egg. I have experimented and I've found that the egg doesn't resuscitate as well as whites do - and in baking, performance of your ingredients is key. I'm looking for a tried and true method from anyone who's frozen yolks and then slowly defrosted them and used them in a cake or some similar thing. Sorry I didn't state that clearly in the original question - there wasn't enough room!

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The yolks will freeze- but you should add a little salt or sugar to them to help stabilize them. They don't freeze as well as the whites and become gelatinous quite often. I've boiled the yolks and stored them in the freezer for a pastry crust recipe that calls for cooked yolks.

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Awesome, thank you - sounds like I should do my best to use them fresh unless I've got a recipe where the yolks just don't really matter. No wonder they don't sell packaged egg yolks at the store!