June 17, 2013

Israeli couscous with roasted vegetable salad from Joys of Life is versatile and delicious. ...

October 17, 2011

Baba ghanoush is a super simple Mediterranean dip/condiment/spread that you should definitely know...

August 21, 2011
spicy eggplant

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for eggplant to be in season since what feels...

July 25, 2011
falafel wrap

Falafel are delicious deep fried golden balls made from ground chickpeas, herbs, and spices. ...

December 10, 2010

From: Yerushalayim shel mat'amim by Rina Valero Showing. The book is in Hebrew.

December 10, 2010

If soup is too thick, thin with a little water. Reheats and/or freezes well.

December 9, 2009

Created by Chef Mordechai Drucker. Preparation time: 25 minutes. Cooking time: 25 minutes.

November 30, 2009