Technique: Pilaf


A method of cooking grains where the grain is first sauteed in butter or oil and then simmered in stock until the liquid is absorbed. A multitude of flavorings may be added prior to sauteeing the rice. Fine diced vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery and fennel to name a few. Fresh herbs can also be chopped and stirred into the rice prior to simmering in stock.


Other names: Pullao, Pilau, Pilaw, Pilav
Translations: Πιλάφι, Plovas, بيلاو, Pilafa, ピラフ, Pilav, Pilaw, Pilaw, Пилав, 필라프, पुलाव, פילאף, Плов, 炒饭, Плов, Пилаф



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